NFT, gambling, defi 2.0


What hosts the Marachellaverse?

In Marachella's world there are strong social distinctions, every being is associated with his crew from birth through an indissoluble bond. Think of the crews as fiefdoms whose local lords stand out from the others. The only difference is that social positions are not inherited, but won through bullshit.

If you need the disorder to find a balance and you too have the impression that the chaos is more equitable, then reset all social conventions and enter the universe of Marachella.

In Marachella's world, fights, pranks and gambling are widely accepted. In the slums and among the inns of the universe, those who do not bluff and those who lack a sense of humor are not welcome!

Choose your crew, your heroes and take the piss out of your opponents. The only harmonic element that will be waiting for you will be the 8-bits...

Minigames, NFTs and trading card games

During the journey of making the entire game, various mini-games based on bluffing and gambling will come out in the Marachella universe, through which you can get to know the setting, the various crews and the heroes.

The first minigame will be Perudo, in the land of Infamy, the Bricconcello and the Infamous King always challenged each other at court in Perudo, a gambling game inspired by "The Pirate of the Caribbean". Lie your opponents with Perudo and compete for the first place in the standings.


Did you know that, in the greatsword crew, the hero named "The Infamous King" wedgied the old boss during his mother's funeral, conquering the throne of infamy?

Marachella is primarily a collectible NFT game with its own rules. Players compete against each other through a system that mixes features of the Italian card game "Scopa", played mostly by grandchildren with their grubby grandmothers on wooden tables and cancerogenic plastic chairs, and role-playing elements.


Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 4.


Phase 1
  • Website & Telegram launch 
  • Social media launch 
  • First NFT's minted (Infamous King, Bricconcello, La Mafia)
  • PCS Launch
  • Minigame 1: Perudo release (player vs CPUs)
  • Paid marketing
Phase 2
  • Influencer marketing 
  • First NFT drop 
  • Apply for CMC/CoinGecko 
  • AMA's on major platforms 
  • NFT marketplace launch on OpenSea with main heroes
Phase 3
  • Curve liquidity pool + Black Market (Defi Platform)
  • Tournaments (player vs players)
  • List on CMC
  • List on Coin Gecko 
  • MarachellaVerse alpha version launch
  • MARA/BNB portal on website
  • Token buybacks/burns
Phase 4
  • MarachellaVerse Beta version launch
  • Marachella action figures
  • Marachella comic book
  • Website redevelopment
  • Minigame 2: Custom game based on Marachellaverse
Phase 5
  • Marachella physical cards
  • Marachella Foundation in Switzerland
  • Comic-Con 2023
  • Full Trading card game
Phase 6
  • Continuous release of Marachella cards
  • Launch of other minigames
  • Marachellaverse launch


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